Sunday, 19 October 2008

The weekend......

Last night David & I saw an production of Anthol Fugard's 'Hello & Goodbye' at the Baxter Theatre here in Cape Town. It was an excellent production in a beautiful space.
I hadnt seen a space like that sine living in Chicago. It was a slightly thrusted stage with sitting on three sides. Very intimate and in our faces. The entire Baxter complex is equally impressive hosting a larger space and a concert hall. Although I was slightly tempted to see the Baxter's other offering, PRISON CODES, I opted out of the prison musical and stuck with less risky offering. Which I was very glad to for many different reasons....
Today, we tinkered with 'technology' and the 'technology' almost won. I have been loaned excellent equipment by my friend Tod which did his best to explain to me his HD camera and audio recorder. I still failed at getting it to work properly today.
But, that is the reason for rehearsals. And the latest news is that it looks as though we are on for our first set of interviews on Tuesday with the veterans from Cape Town.

We are continuing to develop and fine tune our questions that we want to direct to the men. David is deep in the analysis of the text to see what connections can be made between the man and the character or text that he chose. We are continuing to dig up more information about the 'Bible' that, due to the sands of time, often are contradictory. But that is what makes it interesting. Who wants agreement in a piece of drama, which is of course exactly what we are creating.

The backpackers that we have been living in, Big Blue Backpackers in Cape Town, has proven to be an excellent hostel. Great location, a lot of room to stretch out, quiet during the day, and the hosts are very amenable to our needs. Nothing seems to bother them with any request. And as David & I spend much of our time here, on line or working, these are good things. A high recommendation especially if you want to get to the waterfront (which is where the Robben Island Museum is located & the boat to get to the Island) or to the beaches.
I must say that I am truly enjoying myself. How perfect of an opportunity is this for us? I feel very privledged. I would like to get out of Cape Town soon as I'd like to see more of South Africa again and my friend is getting married in Soweto next Sunday - we will be there and looking forward to it!!

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