Monday, 18 August 2014

Feedback on the Ethical Leadership Workshop at the South West Gauteng College

'Eventful but fun.'

'I am inspired and driven to push my limits to the best they can be to reach my full potential.'

'The workshop was useful to me because I now have a broader sense of the day to day challenges [of being a leader] and how to tackle them.'

'There was an understanding of leadership qualities that existed in yesterday's leaders and that exist in todays leaders.'

'The workshop helped me to be more confident in myself and made me realize that I can be a leader in many different ways and be able to play a role in people's lives by helping and showing them what is is to be a leader with ethical principles.  

'Before the workshop, it was hard for me to see my potential but now I am able to do things on my own and not always take a back seat.'

'The workshop was successful because I realise that I was ignorant of the current leadership situation in South Africa.'

'The workshop was useful as it helped me to notice the leader in me.'

'I learned that we are all leaders with our own destiny and how I can approach matters of life and also about how we communicate counts in others' beliefs in you.'

'Even the shy people - like me - contributed.'

'The workshop made me think a lot about leadership and it stirred up the leader within me and the leadership qualities within me.'

'The workshop taught me to learn from our current leaders mistakes and make a difference in my community and school.'

'I learned that a leader must be humble and a good listener.'

'I learned that being silent does not mean that you are stupid but that you are giving others a chance to speak.'

'The workshop was thought provoking.  It has sparked a culture of making a difference amongst my peers at school and in my community.'

'Thank you for this initiative, your efforts, your courage and your willingness to make us better youth.  All that you put in when guiding us through the workshop was well done.'

'I would like to take this out to my peers who didn't have a chance to attend the workshop and learn what I have had the opportunity to learn.  I would like to share this knowledge with others.'

'I am inspired.'

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