Friday, 8 August 2014

My second week..... Wits University and beyond

Having spent so much energy to prepare for the first week of my time in South Africa, it is now coming as a bit of a shock to move on and prepare for the following week.  It seems to be as busy as the first, but certainly with new adventures.

On Saturday, I will be a tourist into central Johannesburg to visit the Market Theatre and the surrounding area. On Sunday, it will be a day off.  

Then on Monday, we have the college performance at 11am, then I am going to shoot off to Wits University for my first of three meetings with the drama students.

On Monday, I will lead a presentation for St. Mary's University and their MA programmes and study abroad programmes to interested students.  On Tuesday, I will be leading a drama workshop as well as meeting with Warren Nebe, from the drama department, who runs 'Drama for Life,' an applied theatre programme run out of Wits which has a very successful profile in South Africa and abroad.  On Wednesday, I will be meeting with more of the drama staff at Wits as well as presenting a paper on my research and development for The Robben Island Bible at their Cultural Leadership seminar.  I will focus on my most recent work on the Ethical Leadership Workshops which utilize both the chosen Shakesperian texts as well as my interviews with the former  poltical prisoners. 

As noted in an earlier post, I will be facilitating a drama workshop [verbatim & forum theatre] with Pamela Nomvete at her new space in Johhannesburg.  Friday, Masie & I have a second meeting with Dr. Saths Cooper, a signatory of the 'Bible' as well as a strong supporter of the play & educational workshops that support the play.  We are to discuss a new project which would involve recording many more of the voices of teh Liberation Movement that are too quickly fading away.

Saturday, off, then on Sunday I will fly to Cape Town.

At least this is the plan..... But South Africa being South Africa, you never know when a new adventure will present itself and completely change any of your plans!  

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