Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Performance at the Robben Island Museum

We have scheduled a performance / presentation on Monday the 24th of November at 2pm in the auditorium of the Robben Island Museum. All are invited and encouraged to attend. It would be excellent to get as much feedback as possible in order to develop the script.

We will be presenting our findings along with how the chosen texts & interviews will shape the script.

I will be working with the Museum's actors to workshop edited versions of the interviews and splicing them with the chosen Shakespearian texts. David will be presenting how we think the shape of the play might develop.

We will also be showing photos of the 'bible' that we took whilst speaking with Sonny & Theresa Venkatrathnam.

Invite from the Museum:

In the late 1970’s the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Alexander edition, circulated through the B Section Prison. Owned by Sonny Venkatrathnam & disguised as a religious text, the book was circulated amongst political prisoners. They signed passages within the text which they found particularly moving/meaningful/profound. The selection of texts provides fascinating insight into the minds, thinking and soul of prisoners at that time.

With the support of the prisoners who were signatories to the book and its owner, Sonny Venkatrathnam, two British directors, supported by John Kani of South Africa are looking to explore the resonances between the Shakespeare literary works and the prisoners. Matthew Hahn and David Taylor are well known in the theatre world for the activism through theatre. With experiences of working in the theatre training and education field, forum theatre in the UK, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and USA, they share a great passion for ensuring access to the performing arts.

After six weeks of intensive research and working with the signatories who remain alive, Matthew and David have returned to Cape Town to work with a group of young emerging performers to experiment with some of their creative ideas. We wish to invite YOU to view this still very rough production!

Monday 24th November 2008
NMG Auditorium
14h00 – 15h30
The viewing will include the screening of scanned copies of the “RI Bible”.

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