Wednesday, 19 November 2008

the switch....

we arrived in Cape Town via a 20 hour bus journey from Jo'burg. something i dont think that i need ever to do again in my life. it was as comfortable as a bus journey could be.

we had planned to take the train once again, but it was sold out. so we had no choice but to take the bus. it was shorter by a few hours, but they train is just so much more comfortable.

so, we arrived two days ago a bit haggarded back at the Big Blue Backpackers. It was like comfort food, nothing had changed - still had the swimming pool & free wireless internet, luxuries that i had grown to miss in our journies around the country.

we had an excellent meeting with deidre, luvuyo & vanessa, all from the education department at the museum. besides updating them on our last three weeks of adventures, we also determined a rehearsal schedule with the robben island actors & the date of the performance on monday the 24th.

the exciting part is that we will be spending thursday & friday on the island, working with the actors. both of us are really looking forward to that.

over the last couple of days, i have had to make a conscious switch from co-ordinator of events or researcher into a more artistic practitioner role. it has been difficult as i still know there are interviews to be arranged, but now that we have a rehearsal schedule, this part is much more necessary. it is interesting putting a director's hat back on after being off for so long.

but i am enjoying it a lot. it too is like comfort food, something that i am much more confident with doing. i cant wait to get back into a rehearsal hall, even if it is on a former prison.

we are certainly in the final stretches of our trip. now less than a week left. seems strange, as it always does, that it has 'gone so fast' but i know that i am tired, worn out & i miss my wife. i am pleased to have the last few days on the island working on a performance as that we give me the energy that i need.

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