Sunday, 9 November 2008

Kliptown, Soweto

3 / 11 / 8
We had an early start this morning with a tour around Kliptown, Soweto. Kliptown is famous as this is where the Freedom Charter was developed and written in 1955. Our tour guide, Charmaine, was excellent and is quite an entrapanuer. She is thinking of starting a Soweto Mini Bus Tour & a Soweto version of ‘TimeOut’ – both I think are excellent ideas.
After that, we were picked up by Masie and driven to his place. This will be the first night that we have spent the night at his beautiful home. We have an early bus to Pretoria and want to leave our luggage somewhere as we will only be there one night.

We had an excellent dinner with Jane, Masie’s wonderful mother who fretted a lot about the quality of her vegetarian dinner as this is something new to her (or sort of new as she has other vegetarian guests in the past). But, she is thinking of becoming a vegetarian herself due to her diabetes, which she hopes will help reduce the pain in her legs.

I have heard quite frequently here in SA lately that there seem to be a few people whom we have met who are contemplating becoming a vegetarian, now whether or not it happens, who knows, but it is just shocking to me to even hear them talk about it.