Friday, 5 March 2010

wednesday 17 feb

this morning, i let the actors off so that i can have a concentrated meeting with vice & dan regarding the script structure.
i think with all of the actors around, i am putting to much pressure on the producing of work, when actually, i should let breath what we can created so far. so, we consoladated our work this morning and produced a stronger outline of the script. we have been able to sit and think about the work that we have produced and how that is shaped into a script. it is good for me not to feel pressured as though i am wasting the actors' time due to the fact that i dont have a vision of the next stages.
this morning has helped me clarify and find a way forward. it is also just nice to sit back & reflect on what is being done.

the afternoon the proves to be much more productive due to this morning's work. i could not have done it without the imput of dan & vice. they have proven indespensible in this process.

we come up with a script and present it to the actors. although rough, it is certainly a step or two beyond the work that i did for the reading in march last year. plus it is solidly grounded in south african artistry. i may have come to many of the same conclusions if i was writing alone back in london, but it would have not the resonence nor the foundation of being build in south africa.

i am now more confident in my contributions to the project because i have worked with these artists. we have a, more or less, common vision and nothing that we discussed this morning contradicts my long term vision of the play.

having had a bit of confidence restored, i direct the actors in a reading of the script - going through any edits that they feel it needs, then we get up on feet.

we now have the problem of the space - we are in a tiny rehearsal room which has been absolutely excellent to develop work in so far. but now that we are rehearsing the play, we need to have a space bigger. in two days time, we will be performing on the mainstage of the market theatre so we need to start to get used to it. but, this space is no where near the size, so everything is squeezed together.

but the reading & the actors' contributions really strengthen the play. the staged reading rehearsal goes over pretty well. again, i am pleased at the progress & development of the work considering that we have only be at it for 7 days. in my heart, i had hoped for something a bit more developed, but in my realistic head, i realize that this progress is good.

we have produced a lot of work but not really edited it down. this morning we did some editing, but it is going to take much more time to really hone the script. the point of these two weeks is to produce work as vice & i wont have the opportunity to work with these actors again, so we need to use our time wisely.

i feel better today than the previous two days. i felt out of it for monday & tuesday, but now feel as though i have regained my focus & direction.

in the evening, we have, once again, a wonderful dinner with masie's familiy. i am going to miss these meals!!