Thursday, 13 October 2016

Students’ views on Leadership:

‘I would act as a leader in my own life by first bringing change in my life like doing self-introspection. To change what's bad to good and what's good to much more best and I can also be a leader by making sure that I bring change and keep my promises because leaders with empty promises mislead the world.’

‘This week has helped me get to know to tackle the problems arising in my leadership process.  What makes an ethical leader and how you lead, personally, locally, nationally and internationally.’

‘What I could contribute to South Africa's future is the level of education, the importance of clean environment and the importance of being an ethical leader.’

‘Someone who sees all as equal, and has a good moral compass. By taking initiative and responsibility, as well as being ambitious and inspiring to those around me.’

‘By being strong, but also open-minded and listening to the opinions of others.’

‘By being able to empower others, as well as educate them and be able to make an important decision (based on consideration of all involved).’

‘I have learnt that I am someone who prefers to lead from behind, but also make sure that my view point and opinion is heard. I learnt that leadership is not only about the person leading, but also about those that are being led.’