Friday, 20 April 2012

Upcoming Events around the Robben Island Bible

I am pleased to announce three upcoming events around Sonny Venkatrathnam's copy of 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare' and my play, The Robben Island Bible. Sonny's 'bible' will form a major part of the upcoming exhibition at the British Museum's 'Shakespeare: Staging the World'. The second is the BBC Radio Four's 'Shakespeare's Restless World' series And finally, there will be a reading of my play at the London Literary Festival on the 3rd of July. For more information please visit here. I am pleased to say that the world is finally hearing more about this incredible piece of history which has been tucked away in a cupboard in Durban for so many years. But, much more importantly, the world is also finally beginning to hear the names of other anti-apartheid freedom fighters who spent years imprisoned for their belief in democracy & social equality. The names of Venkatrathnam, Kathrada, Dingake, Daniels, Cooper and so many others who sacrificed their lives to the Struggle.