Friday, 20 April 2012

Trip to Durban

On Thursday 26 April, I fly to Durban with 11 students from St Mary's University College, where I teach Theatre for Development. We will be working in a variety of situations with a variety of organisations [schools, FE colleges and other young artists]. I will also have the opportunity to visit with Sonny & Theresa for the first time in almost four years. It will be an honour to see them again. I have not been to Durban since 2008 as well, so it will be nice to be back there. I can't wait to personally catch up with them about the mad and wonderful trip I have been on since our interview. I must tell him that I am humbled by the opportunities his book has opened for me. I revel in what has been happening to me & the development of the play and the shear amount of interest that his story has garnered. Finally, after working on this project in earnest since 2005, people are beginning to recognize the 'bible' and have 'heard something about it.' As with any labour of love, I am shocked that more people don't know about these most gentle of men, but through the development of the play and the development of workshops on leadership, citizenship & social change, I hope to bring about a bit of change of my own.